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Don’t settle for an inexperienced auto mechanic. Our professional technicians have the ability and experience to give your car the service it needs. Come in to All Tech Auto Center today!

Auto Experts

Our technicians know the ins and outs of all things cars. We can diagnose the problems your car is having within minutes. If you need parts, repairs, or standard service, we can help you out.

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Whether you need a major engine overhaul or a standard oil change, bring your car to the experts at All Tech Auto Center. Call or submit an online form to schedule your service today.

Auto Repair Shop

Is something wrong with your car that you just can’t quite figure out? Bring your car to the experts at All Tech Auto Center and we’ll help you out. Our professional technicians can diagnose your problem and take care of it for you. From minor oil changes to major engine overhauls, we do it all.

Many major car problems can be prevented if they are caught quickly. Through regular oil changes and proper maintenance, your car can be a great investment for many years. Whether you need a routine inspection or if you suspect something major might be wrong with your vehicle, bring it in to the experts at All Tech Auto Center today.

El Paso Auto Center

We are the number one auto repair and service center in El Paso, TX. We provide quality auto services for western Texas and southern New Mexico. No matter what service you need on your car, come in to All Tech Auto Center.

Major Auto Repair

We offer a full line of car services to support all of your auto needs. We handle auto service, engine work, transmission repair, brakes, AC repair, electrical work, computer diagnostics, and much more! We can handle nearly any job on any domestic or foreign imported car.

Regular Car Services

There is nothing better that you can do for your car than to give it the regular scheduled services it needs. By changing the oil regularly and keeping other fluids topped off, you enable your car to go thousands of miles further than other cars that don't get proper maintenance. Bring your car in today and give it the treatment it deserves.

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